Invoicing and Payments
Deliquent Invoices:

All deliquent invoices will automatically be assessed a 1.5% finance charge per month.  Payments are late if not paid within 15 days of the due date lshown on the top of the invoice.  If you are having financial difficulties, please contact our office to make payment arrangements.  We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards. 
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Invoicing Procedures:

Maintenance customers with yearly contracts are billed monthly on the first day of the month the service is to take place.  Payments are due on the fifteenth (15th) of the same month. 

Landscaping, treatments and non-contractual maintenance service invoices are due upon receipt of the invoice, unless advanced written arrangements have been made. 

In the event an account is not paid in full when the invoicing process takes place, a Statement of your account will be sent to provide you with a list of recent payments we have received.  Any deliquent invoices will be assessed a finance charge.  (See "Deliquent Invoices" below.) 
Payment Options:

Credit Cards:
We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards.

We accept in-state (Florida) checks.  Checks should be made out to "Proturf  Landscapes, Inc.". There is a charge of $35.00 for returned checks.  Any additional fees incurred from the bank will be billed to the customer.   

Pay OnLine:
If you have elected to receive your invoices via email and your account is in good standing, you have the option to pay your invoices online at no additional charge.  You will find a secure link to enter your bank information at the bottom of your invoice.  
Paperless or US Mail:

While we encourage all our customers to save a tree and go green, we continue to offer both invoicing by US Mail and Email. 

Email customers are sent their invoices in "PDF" format.  This file type requires Adobe Reader, a FREE software program that an be downloaded at: (
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